who we are

Founded by Michael Stern in 2011, based on 30 years experience in the industry, Canadian Asset Buyers & Fine Jewellers is a leading Toronto-based company that is fueled by integrity, knowledge and passion. The company's goal is to provide clientele with a reliable and convenient solution to recycling old jewellery in exchange for cash (or remodelling for re-use). Proudly Canadian we draw on a wealth of experience to help our clients get the best price for their unwanted assets while enjoying the benefits of our no-pressure approach.

Michael is one of Canada’s leading expert gemologists. He is a Registered Appraiser by the Canadian Jewellers Association; a GIA Graduate Gemologist with the Gemological Institute of America; and 1 of only 12 Registered Master Valuers (#181099) in Canada.

At Canadian Asset Buyers & Fine Jewellers our highest priority is to have satisfied clients. We provide a professional, discreet, service that makes our clients comfortable and ensures they receive a fair price for their valuables.

While our operations are based in the heart of the jewellery district in downtown Toronto we also offer home visits ($250 fee – this fee is waived if we purchase items valued over $1000). Feel free to contact us to arrange a buying event or to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

why choose us?

The Canadian Asset Buyers & Fine Jewellers distinction 

There are many companies out there offering to give cash for your valuable frozen assets. So it is important to do some research and ensure you are dealing with a reputable, experienced, and no-pressure company before you decide who to sell to. Here is what makes us unique:

Experience – We have qualified, registered professionals appraising your jewellery to determine its true value. At Canadian Asset Buyers & Fine Jewellers we pride ourselves on the over 30 years of practical experience, in the jewelry industry and as an Accredited Appraiser, of our owner and operator Michael Stern (a GIA Graduate Gemologist and Registered Master Valuer). Michael and his expert team can appraise your jewellery or precious metals, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with the highest quality of service in the business.

High Returns – We offer the highest on-the-spot cash for your jewellery and precious metals. Unlike many buyers, who only deal with refineries and will automatically send your valuable jewelry to be melted down, we take the time to evaluate each item individually and then shop around to find the best possible placement for your unwanted jewellery. We have long-standing relationships with auction houses, high-end jewellers, tradespeople and estate buyers all across North and South America and in Europe. These connections allow us to guarantee our clients the highest return.

We have faces – We are not a faceless company that will treat you like a number or hide behind a company name. We are owner operated and staffed with real people who care for our community, take pride in our work and reputation, and love what we do! And our personal touch ensures we take the time to carefully value your items, in person, and give you the best payout possible – not a low ball estimate without seeing your items.

Brick and Mortar Location – Unlike many of the other cash-for-gold businesses Canadian Asset Buyers & Fine Jewellers has a physical location conveniently situated in the heart of downtown Toronto’s famous jewelry district. Many other buyers only share a PO Box and if you wanted to visit the facility it is impossible to do so. How do you really know who you are doing business with? And that you’re getting the real value for your items? While we do offer home visits (fees apply), if required, our clients also have the option of making an appointment in our downtown office. This allows them to do business in an environment of their choosing.

Confidentiality Assured – Confidentiality is assured when you choose to sell with Canadian Asset Buyers & Fine Jewellers. We are discreet in all our dealings and will keep your name and address completely confidential. Your privacy is important to us and we never share or sell any of our customer data to other organizations.

We Give Back – Canadian Asset Buyers is a proud supporter of the Canadian Cancer Society.

meet the owner

Michael Stern | Managing Director, Registered Master Valuer, Accredited Appraiser and Graduate Gemologist

Michael brings more than 30 years of experience to Canadian Asset Buyers & Fine Jewellers and is one of Canada’s leading expert gemologists. He is a Registered Appraiser by the Canadian Jewellers Association; a GIA Graduate Gemologist with the Gemological Institute of America; and one of only 12 Registered Master Valuers (#181099) in Canada.

Michael has been the President of Gems Appraisals, also in Toronto, since 1983, where he has been servicing the general public and jewellery trade performing appraisals for insurance, probate, liquidation, estate, divorce and custom purposes.  He has extensive experience in buying and selling all types of jewelry including antiques, watches and coins. Canadian Asset Buyers was established, by Michael, in 2011. ALUM_identity_2011_general_colorMichael has also served as a court expert witness in numerous high profile legal cases both internationally and in Canada. When he is not gazing through the lenses of his microscope, examining jewellery, Michael devotes himself to his family and to his hobbies of sailing and golf.