estate liquidation

After the passing of a loved one many people find themselves in possession of items that are no longer of use or simply do not fit their space or lifestyle. Dividing these items among the remaining family members can often be easier if the items are liquidated for their cash value. Or the value of the items may be needed to help cover any of the  estate’s debts or taxes.


Canadian Asset Buyers purchases full or partial estates and can help you turn these inherited assets in to cash.

Everything from antique to modern jewelry, silver flatware to coin collections and banknotes we buy it all! For most estates it is difficult to transport all the items but that is not a problem – we will come to you and help you get the best value for your items (off-site consulting fees apply but are waived if we purchase items valued at over $1000). 

Our professional appraisers will ensure you receive the best value for your loved one’s items and liquidate unwanted assets in a location that is comfortable for you and with service that is respectful and courteous.