Great outcome for today!

I had a very happy & positive outcome upon my visit with Michael today.
He spent the time & gave useful & informative details regarding the jewellery l was ready to sell.
Everything was done directly in front of me, & l found this very reassuring as Michael proceeded to identify the hallmarks, carats & gold content of each item.
I will highly recommend him & his wonderful service to everyone l know.
Many thanks for your expertise & honest trading Michael, regards Elizabeth

Elizabeth Robertson

Professional, honest and straightforward!

I had a large number of smaller jewellery items to liquidate as part of an estate and Michael was fantastic. He explained the process clearly, took the time to go through every single piece and even showed me engravings and flawed stones so that I would understand the true value of the items. Michael was very nice, patient, down to earth and most importantly he was fair. From what I have heard these traits are pretty hard to come by in the business. The easiest part of finalizing the estate so far. Thanks Michael.

Kevin Stanley

Totally professional and easy to deal with

We had to have an in home assessment of some estate jewelry done and Michael was good enough to come to our rescue. He spent a lot of time going thru the pieces we had and going over them very methodically. He even offered to go through pieces we thought were worthless and found a few treasures. At the end we were happy with the results. Would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks Mike

Rob McDowell

Patient and straightforward

When I met with Michael last month, I was pleased to find someone who took his time to sort through and explain the worth of each of the many coins I brought in for his appraisal. I felt like a valued customer and I trusted him and the transaction from beginning to end.

Jean Morran

Patient, Amenable, Comfortable

Thanks much for your time and patience today. There was a lot of stuff to get through; you did so with kindness, humour, and understanding. You were very fair and put me at ease in a situation where I felt nervous and emotional.
My mom sure had a lot of pieces!
Thanks much,
Samantha Campbell

Samantha Campbell
Sweet Suskind


When I lost my job I needed to sell my unused jewellery quickly and at a great price. Michael was easy to deal with, professional, and got me great value! I highly recommend him.

Karen Smith

Sold With Confidence

Thank you for the very professional approach and being able to make me feel so comfortable. I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to go to Michael to sell their jewellery and coins.

Jennifer Rudd

Canadian Asset Buyers Are Better !!

Professional and great customer service. Very personable, while also professional in providing the full service I had anticipated. I would easily recommend Canadian Asset Buyers.

Jane Daines

Best hour I ever spent

What does one do when your children don't want any of grandmas silver and trinkets?
Call Michael, prompt , convenient and knows his stuff.
highly recommend his services .

Janey Walker

Thanks for Your Honesty

Dear Michael,
I want to thank you for your patience and honesty in our recent transaction. I greatly appreciated your understanding and sensitivity along with your sense of humour. You treated me fairly and with respect. Your donation has been used to buy a rocking chair for the medical clinic for the needy thus helping them to be comfortable in their wait.
Catherine Grilo

Catherine Grilo

Diamond Knowledge

Thanks for your speedy response to my email. Your courteous disposition was greatly appreciated.
Well you certainly have in depth knowledge of the diamond resale market ! I new that jewellery
appraisals were always highly inflated and realized that by the offer you presented to me on
my diamond engagement ring. I must admit it was a far less than I anticipated but after you
recommended to get a couple of additional quotes yours was the highest payout in the city!
Thanks for the honesty, I will be happy to refer my family and friends to your company.
Lucy Jones
Toronto, On

Urgently Needed Cash

I needed to sell my diamond jewellery quickly and at a good price in order to acquire some urgently needed cash. Canadian Asset Buyers gave me everything I needed in an efficient and professional manner. I very much appreciated their quick service and fair pricing.

Cassandra Wayne, Toronto

Selling without leaving my Retirement Home

Canadian Asset Buyers came right to my retirement home. As I am physically challenged a trip to their office was just not practical. I was able to sell my unwanted jewellery without having to leave home. I found the process to be very relaxed and professional.

Millie Goldstein, Oakville

Efficient Liquidation of Estate

Thank you for seeing me with such short notice and helping me liquidate my Aunt’s estate. After shopping around for quotes I know that Canadian Asset Buyer’s was the most reasonable and fair and your education and skills in the areas of diamonds and estate sales was very reassuring. I now know what a Master Valuer is and does and appreciate your expertise in purchasing her items.

B.M Morrison, Barrie

Finally Moving On

After finally accepting that my marriage was over and it was time to sell my engagement ring and wedding band I was incredibly impressed with the relaxed and sensitive approach of Canadian Asset Buyers.  The kind words and tactful approach was greatly appreciated and it will be a pleasure to recommend you to others.

S. Wong, Oshawa

Thank you for your patience.

Canadian Asset Buyers patiently went through my late husband’s coin collection and gave me a very fair rate. After 50 years of collecting he would have been pleased to know that someone appreciated his collection and was honest and fair with me. The house call was also a great help as I could not have transported such a heavy collection downtown!

Annie M, Mississauga

Someone To Trust!

Thank you Canadian Asset Buyers for handling everything with such professionalism. The honest and straight forward approach in purchasing my late mothers treasured jewellery was a breath of fresh air! After experiences with other companies coming to your office was a no-pressure experience and your purchase price was higher than anyone else had quoted me.

Barbara W, Thornhill

Both comfortable and convenient

Working with Michael Stern to sell my unused jewellery and coins was both comfortable and convenient. We have been able to enjoy the benefits of our assets!

Mr. & Mrs. Tipping, Etobicoke ON

Never made us feel pressured

Canadian Asset Buyers & Fine Jewellers gave us the best price for our valuables and never made us feel pressured. It was wonderful to have a professional come to our home and give us fair value for our valuables.

Mr. & Mrs. McNeil, Mississauga ON

So simple and stress free

As a widower I was always been skeptical about who I could trust when selling my gold and silver. Michael Stern’s credentials and service made it so simple and stress free.

Mrs. B. Singer, Toronto ON

Exactly the deal I was hoping for

I had collected a lot of gold and silver jewelry over the years. When I needed to have it all appraised and sold, Canadian Asset Buyers & Fine Jewellers was everything I was looking for and more. They were very skilled and knowledgeable and I got exactly the deal I was hoping for. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to find out that  my old jewelry was worth so much!

Jennifer, Sudbury ON

Very knowledgeable and friendly

Service was very good! Michael was very knowledgeable and friendly and I would use the service again as well as recommend Canadian Asset Buyers to others. Thanks!

Adam, Toronto ON

Now I have $250 to put towards a much needed vacation!

I was very happy with the return that I got from Canadian Asset Buyers for my old gold jewelry. My jewelry would have otherwise just sat in my closet collecting dust, until I heard about Canadian Asset Buyers from a friend - now I have $250 to put towards a much needed vacation! Thank you so much Canadian Asset Buyers!

Jessica, Halifax NS

Highly Recommended

After shopping around for quite a while, Canadian Asset Buyers paid me the most for my unwanted gold.  I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to get rid of old gold

Nancy, Hamilton ON

Fast and friendly!

I couldn't believe how much our old jewelry was worth!  Canadian asset buyers were fast and friendly! I brought in my old jewelry and got my cash within minutes. If anyone has extra valuables lying around this is a fantastic way to get some extra money

John and Linda, Markham ON

Pleased with the excellent client service

I was very pleased with the cash returns and excellent client service - I would recommend them to everyone I know.  Thank you Canadian Asset Buyers

Peter, Moncton NB

First rate jewellers

I was always a little hesitant about jewelry buying services - until I came across Canadian Asset Buyers & Fine Jewellers. Not only are they first rate jewellers, as initially I came to them with my engagement ring that I wanted to have re-crafted and reset which they did an amazing job!  I noticed that they also buy jewelry, so I went home and collected all my old trinkets that I would never wear and got a fabulous cash return - thank you so much Canadian Asset Buyers!

Laurel, Mississauga ON

I owe a huge thank you to Canadian Asset Buyers,

My mother passed away a year ago and left me with more silverware and gold jewelry than I knew what to do with!  I just didn't have the space to keep the items, and at the time, really needed the money as I had recently been laid off.  Thankfully I stumbled upon Canadian Asset Buyers who came highly recommended from a family friend.  I was able to exchange all of the assets that I wanted to get rid of, for more cash than I ever would have imagined the items would be worth!  I am so thankful to them for this and was able to live stress-free until a new job opportunity came along.  I owe a huge thank you to Canadian Asset Buyers and would highly recommend their services to all

Melissa, Toronto ON

I never knew my old assets were worth so much

I never knew my old assets were worth so much.  Great dealing with the guys at Canadian Asset Buyers, they were very professional, helpful and easy to talk to - thanks

Bob, Sudbury ON

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